Redefine Fitness and Workouts

  • By Pragati
  • •  Jun 20, 2019

In 2020, technology will continue to redefine fitness and workouts and therefore you require the best Active Wear.

The apps, next-gen home gym equipment and virtual trainers and classes will give the consumer greater control over how, when and where they work out,

and deliver enhanced results. But the omnipresence of tech will also drive a need to escape from it, as fitness consumers reconnect with the Activewear, Comfortable wear and real life.

What's hot:

– Home and community fitness( Comfortable Shorts and Joggers)

– health and fitness for the unwell ( Dry fit t-shirts)

– Rewilding and natural highs( Play cool t-shirts)

Consumers will demand fitness and fitness wear on their own terms, whenever and wherever. Prepare for personalisation and elevated experiences in all terms of active wear,

– Provide 'on-demand' services:(Customization) consumers expect this and have made the change their main hub.

– Build communities IRL: we live in a digitally connected world and they want their comfortable customized activewear at their doorstep.

– Embrace immersive tech: increase competition and elevate boutique fitness classes to sizes.

– Tailor fitness: inclusivity is key. Expand the comfort zone and deliver the tailored customized fitness.

– Get high on the mat: busier lives demand greater escapes. Add CBD teas or patches, ceremonial aspects and breathwork to restorative classes with comfortable wear.

The Trip, whether it's cycling and trekking, even if it is a 40-minute multi-peak cycling workout with a journey through the digitally created world, All we need is active wear to keep us fit and comfortable.

With its cinema-scale screen and sound system, The Trip takes motivation to the next level, burning serious calories and with our sportswear, we keep you ready to excel.

Fitness studio takes weary urbanites out of the city and back into nature through its giant screens. 

Its yoga classes don't just physically realign the body, but also refresh the mind and our lowers and sports bra keeps you ready and active.


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