Sport Sun Solid Men Micro Poly White Track Suit

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Description of product

  • Material - Polyester Blend
  • Color - White
  • Pattern - Solid

Sport Sun's Micro Poly Lightweight White Track Suit, is a perfect Track Suit for Indian weather conditions. It is a perfect Track Suit for the winter season where temperature falls between 12°C to 35°C.

Hence, we could say that this is a perfect Track Suit for people living in semi-cold climatic conditions and such a climate can be seen in major parts of India during winters.

This is a good looking Track Suit, plus it is made of a strong blended Polyester fabric the products of which are always good looking.

While wearing this good looking Track Suit, you would feel relaxed and comfortable, this Track Suit would always keep your body temperature at ease.

White is a color of peace and serenity plus positivity. We believe while wearing this Track Suit, you would always feel good. There are many organisations and hospitals, which prefer their staff to wear White dress, this good looking Track Suit could be a perfect product for them.

It's such a Track Suit, which you could wear as a formal dress or at home as an informal wear. You would feel good while going outside  wearing this White Track Suit.

People doing business could wear this Track Suit at their shops or other workplaces and feel the positivity. 

A perfect product from Sport Sun for all of you.

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